sewing classes london
I first started sewing on a 1970s mechanical machine I borrowed from a friend. She quickly run me through the basics of threading it, winding the bobbin and sewing straight stitches, before wishing me luck as I left full of excitement and anticipation at the thought off all the sewing  and dressmaking projects I could create with it! My friend never gave me a manual for it and she never told me this very crucial thing when it comes to correctly using a sewing machine that is ALWAYS TURN THE HAND WHEEL (found on the right hand side of your machine) TOWARDS YOU (anti-clockwise) and NEVER, EVER CLOCKWISE! The latter will actually ruin your machine’s motor if you do it often and turn it all the way. This happened to me with my friend’s sewing machine causing £100 worth of damage. Ouch! The only instance in which it is ok to turn the wheel clockwise only very slightly, is to unravel a thread jam in the bobbin. Many sewing machines manuals fail to tell you this, so… never forget it!