One to one Tuition

Does our class schedule or range not suit your needs? Do you prefer learning with a tutor’s undivided attention or do you have a specific project you’d like to work on? Then why not book a private lesson with us?

We offer individually tailored sessions to suit your needs from our beautiful studio or the comfort of your own home.

Cost: £45 p.h for 1-2 people, with a 10% Discount available for bookings of 6 hours or more. Please contact us for rates applying to larger groups. *Higher rates apply if we travel to your home (£55 to £65 p.h. depending on how far we have to travel). Please note that you must have your own sewing machine if you book a home lesson.

Minimum booking: 3 hours per session (this cannot be split into two or more sessions)

Availability: From 10am to 5:30pm Monday to Wednesday, 2:30pm to 5:30pm on Thursdays and Fridays and from 6:30pm to 9:30pm on selected Thursdays and Fridays.

Payment: required in advance at the time of booking in order for a time slot to be reserved. Please note  that we do not accept payments on the day.

Cancellation policy: All bookings are non refundable if cancelled within less than a week from the class date. A minimum of 24 hours notice from the session scheduled time must be given in order to reschedule. Bookings cancelled within less than 24 hours from the lesson starting time are non refundable and cannot be rescheduled.

Please note: private sessions are not normally available in the evenings (except some Thursdays and Fridays ) or at weekends due to our class schedule. However, occasionally some slots may become available at those times. When this happens, we are only able to book a session one day in advance.

Please email us at telling us as much as possible about what you would like to learn, how many hours you would like to book and what days and times would suit you best.