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One to one Tuition

Does our class schedule or range not suit your needs? Do you prefer learning with a tutor’s undivided attention or do you have a specific project you’d like to work on? Then why not book a private lesson with us?

We offer individually tailored sessions to suit your needs from our beautiful studio or the comfort of your own *home.

Cost: £35 p.h for 1 person, or £40 p.h for 2 people. *Higher rates apply if we travel to your home.
Payment: required in advance at the time of booking in order for a time slot to be reserved. Please note  that we do not accept payments on the day.
Minimum booking: 3 hours

Availability: From 10:30am to 5:30pm Monday to Thursday.

*Please note: private sessions are not normally available in the evenings or at weekends. However, occasionally some slots may become available. When this happens, we are only able to book a session one day in advance.

Please email us at to inquire about availability and to book a session.