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5 Reasons Why you Should Learn to Sew Knits

If you are reading this chances are you may be feeling scared of stretch fabrics, or better even terrified to learn to sew knits! Am I right?! Let's face it... Sewing knits can be a daunting prospect for many who have never ventured into the world of stretch fabrics [...]

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Dress to Blouse Refashion

  We are sooo loving this dress to blouse refashion from the wonderful Linda Wilson, the refashioning superstar behind the  Remake Remodel Recycle  blog... Yes! We are super excited to have Linda on board as a blog contributor and pattern consultant. Happy days indeed! Shortly before Christmas, I asked Linda if [...]

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How to Choose Your Sewing Pattern Size

How to choose your sewing patterns size How to choose your sewing pattern size? Good question! Here is a classic scenario which may sound familiar to many of you :-)  You've got yourself a brand new sewing pattern and you're excited about making it up. FAB! You eagerly [...]

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Seventies Dress to Forties Tea Dress Refashion

Garment upcycling classes sneak peek Garment upcycling  classes are such a fabulous way to learn great sewing and alterations techniques. Some may also add that garment upcycling classes are the way forward in sewing and dressmaking, as well as fashion and the way we look at and value [...]

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