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Welcome to Sew it With Love, my creative sewing studio based in the heart of Waterloo, London and just a stone’s throw away from the quirky shops and cafes of Lower Marsh and the buzzing Southbank.

Our mission at Sew It With Love is to bring the forgotten art of sewing and ‘Make, Do & Mend’ back into the home.

Whether you are a  beginner or an  intermediate sewer who has tried their hand at a few sewing projects and wants to improve and further your sewing skills, here you will find a selection of sewing classes suitable for different abilities and preferences.

We must admit…here at Sew It With Love we have a real passion for vintage dressmaking, garment up-cycling and customising and offer a selection of vintage garment sewing courses such as, the very popular Fifties Circle Dress, the Forties Tea Dress, the Sew Sexy “Rizzo” Pencil Skirt, Forties Swing Pants, blouses and more! However, we are aware that vintage clothing style is not everyone’s cup of tea, so we made sure we’d offer a selection of more classic, staple garments, as well as on trend designs, so everyone is happy!

Here at Sew It With Love we are also passionate about helping reduce textile waste and contributing to a world where people make the most of what they buy and have or re-use what’s no longer needed by someone else…just like our mothers and grandmothers used to do! In our garment up-cycling and customising classes and events, you will be able to turn that item you no longer like or that no longer fits you, into something new, exciting and unique that you’ll be proud to wear. Whatever sewing skills you may want to learn, we look forward to helping your sewing dream come true!

Discover our sewing classes in London:

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