How to sew with the correct thread.

When you learn to sew there are many questions and doubts that go through your of them being-
What thread is best to use for my sewing project?

Well that’s a very good sewing question to ask and despite some differing opinions, I believe that when you learn to sew, it does help to know which thread to go for, to avoid disappointment once your sewing project is finished.

When it comes to dressmaking, I must admit..I tend to use good quality polyester thread for most medium weight fabrics.

The reason for this being that polyester thread is rather strong, it doesn’t tend to shrink when washed and it has some give to it which makes it ideal for various reasons:

1.  If you follow the recommended good practice of pre-washing your fabric prior to cutting it, polyester thread won’t shrink when you first wash your garment, whether cotton thread will, with a likely result of ripped seams….Not the end of the world, I know..but best avoided!
2.  Polyester thread is rather strong and durable whether cotton thread tends to break more easily.
3.  Polyester thread has also got some give to it making it the ideal choice for sewing stretch fabrics and knits. 
4.  Polyester thread is often wax or silicone coated and therefore slips through the fabric smoothly and easily.

Now…some purists might argue that you should always use cotton thread with cotton fabrics in your sewing projects, however in my experience when it comes to dressmaking, cotton thread is only a better choice when sewing with lightweight cottons.

Other sewing projects which also call for a preferred use of cotton thread are lingerie projects, as well as sewing with lightweight rayons and linens. Just make sure you are using a medium thickness cotton thread and not a heavy duty one, which is best suited for very heavy weight fabrics, top stitching and some upholstery sewing projects. 

And finally…apart from these two types of threads which can be used in most sewing projects, I suggest you use silk thread in your dressmaking projects involving silk and wool. Got it?

Now that your doubts have been cleared you can go back to your sewing machines knowing you are using the best thread for your project.

Happy sewing! 🙂