Dress to blouse refashion. Before and after

We are sooo loving this dress to blouse refashion from the wonderful Linda Wilson, the refashioning superstar behind the  Remake Remodel Recycle  blog… Yes! We are super excited to have Linda on board as a blog contributor and pattern consultant. Happy days indeed!

Shortly before Christmas, I asked Linda if she would write a refashion post for our new upcoming website and being the amazing pattern cutter, seamstress and refashioner that she is, she whipped up this gorgeous dress to blouse refashion  in no time! On the other hand, me being the insanely busy business owner that I am with far more on my hands that I can handle, it took me two months to put this post up! Oh well…better late than never they say! 

dress to blouse refashion

The Dress to Blouse Refashion and How it Happened!

“Apart from liking the print, this dress was in my size and it had a sleeve detail that I had been intending to try out. Just as well it was getting the chop…it was huge and the flared sleeve end that I was excited about, disappeared into a non event. The dress did have side seam belt loops but the belt was lost.

dress to blouse refashion

The neckline was exactly the type I like, however it was too low, so once I decided it was going to be a top I had enough fabric in the chopped off piece to make separate button stands. This would mean I could cut up the centre front, use a 1cm seam allowance and replace the width with the 3cm wide stands and add some pretty little buttons.

dress to blouse refashion

I really liked the sleeve with the separate flared end but this was seriously too long, you can just see my fingertips! I removed the flared piece and slimmed down and shortened the sleeve. I prefer this type of sleeve to finish at a 3/4 length, to show off the flared piece. The flared piece itself had to be shortened and the side seam reshaped and then sewn back on.

dress to blouse refashion sleeve before


Dress to blouse refashion sleeve after


I reshaped the side seams and added tucks to the front and back, in line with the waist for added shaping. There are at least two ways you can wear this neck tie!

dress to blouse refashion

So here it is in all its gorgeousness! I am so jealous Linda gets to wear this blouse and not me!

dress to blouse refashion

Look out for more refashioning and sewing tutorials from Linda coming up soon on the blog!

Have you had a go at refashioning yet? Did you enjoy it?

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Happy stitching 🙂
Elena x