A Moment of Inspiration


I am always fascinated about the way inspiration can suddenly strike out of random moments and situations which aren’t inspiring to begin with…This is what happened to me this morning as I set to rummage through one of my fabric boxes looking for something…Suddenly, the polka dot fabric sprung to my attention as well as the lace…As I randomly lay them on top of each other the familiar feeling of gathering objects, textures and images together in order to find design inspiration started to come over me…

The two fabrics meant only one source of inspiration for me…Vintage! So I suddenly remembered about a shoe box full of vintage buttons and lace borders and as I excitedly dug them out of their forgotten place, I started to experiment with different angles and ways of laying them on top of each other…Inspiration started pouring in as I realized I was in the process of creating a mood board, one of the staring points of the fashion design process..

As I looked at it with excitement, I was aware that something was still missing and that it didn’t feel quite right yet, it needed just one more thing to be completed…What could it be? I turned and gazed around my tiny studio with a definite feeling that there must be something there that would be the perfect finishing touch for it and then… Bingo! The lovely postcard of the fabulous Coco Chanel (one of my fashion heroines and biggest inspirations) my boyfriend brought me back when he went to see a Man Ray exhibition in town, called my attention and seemed to say “Here I am”! That was it! Exactly what I needed for this mood board to be completed! Needless to say that I’ve now got a thousand new designs in my head inspired by this, and very little time to realize them, but sooner or later I shall find the time to get sewing and dressmaking to bring some of this inspiration alive! Have a wonderful day 🙂 Elena x

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